NHibernate: Custom type is not serializable

Since I acquired a NHibernateProfiler license, an initialization warning message draw my attention, the text seemed quite easy to solve:

WARN: custom type is not Serializable: MyLibrary.MyCustomDataType

My first solution was adding [Serializable] attribute to the custom type, but that didn’t make the trick. As it was only a warning, I did not investigate further at that moment.

NHibernate Logo

But the other day, debugging data access code I saw the warning again and the easiest solution was going to the source NHibernate code to find this:

TypeFactory.InjectParameters(userType, parameters);
if (!userType.ReturnedClass.IsSerializable)
    LogManager.GetLogger(typeof(CustomType)).Warn("custom type is not Serializable: " + userTypeClass);

As seen in this code, the message is unclear, because the class that must be serializable is the ReturnedClass, not the custom UserType itself.

So, to solve the warning I just needed to add [Serializable] to the class returned by my custom UserType instead than the type itself.

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