Back to blogging

It’s been roughly 3 years and a half since my last blog post. Why I abandoned my blog? Don’t I have anything to say?

Journal Entry

Reasons for not blogging

I can identify several.

But first of all is laziness and procrastination. Both are tied but the effect is the same: willing to post but never finding time to do so, there’s always something better to do. As I grow, I tend to be more rigid with this kind of stuff: do it or don’t but don’t keep telling yourself: “I’ll do it later”.

On the other hand, I’ve not been vegetating on my couch watching TV cheap soap operas the whole time but, definitely I could’ve found some time to post many things if I wanted.

But on my discharge I can say that this last year has been quite enduring with the kid, having children changes your life.

Why coming back?

Writing. I have written a lot of things in the past, specially when I was younger and I find it a good exercise.

Learning. Explaining things is a great way to learn, and explaining those things in another language -if you’re proficient in English, you may have noticed it’s not mine- makes me improve my fluency, add new vocabulary and it’s fun.

Showing. Internet is for showing off. Period. Anyone in their houses can show the world the stuff they do, what they think, who they are. And they can reach the whole connected world, just as I do.

Will this last?

Who knows. Maybe I become lazy again, or feel I don’t have anything to share or feel I don’t have time to. Time will tell.

But for the moment, I welcome myself back, and you too.

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