How msiinv saved my day

In my previous post I reported my problems installing MVC3 in my machine. That led me to further investigation as that worked perfectly in my co-workers’ machines.

I tried to repair Visual Studio 2010 and told me that it had troubles with vs_setup.msi… strange. Looking around I found a post that led me to an explanation of the msiinv.exe tool.

It took me a while to get the tool as the author’s site is broken, but Stackoverflow came on rescue.

Then, I ran the tool:

msiinv -p > msiinv.txt

Then opened the file and… surprise!

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional - ESN
    Product code:    {725041D1-9F45-30D3-A78E-DF08C4E1A297}
    Product state:    (1) The product is advertised, but not installed.
    Package code:    {9E58363D-E4A9-49D3-82B7-42584AFCA9E7}
    AssignmentType:    1
    Language:    3082
        Package:    vs_setup.msi
    0 patch packages.

Strange. I tried to fix it with MSI:

msiexec /f {725041D1-9F45-30D3-A78E-DF08C4E1A297}

It asked me for the vs_setup.msi, it’s in the root of the Visual Studio 2010 DVD in case it’s not found automatically. Magically it worked and now it’s installed:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional - ESN
    Product code:    {725041D1-9F45-30D3-A78E-DF08C4E1A297}
    Product state:    (5) Installed.
    Package code:    {9E58363D-E4A9-49D3-82B7-42584AFCA9E7}
    Version:    10.0.30319
    AssignmentType:    1
    Publisher:    Microsoft Corporation
    Language:    3082
       Installed from: D:\VS2010\
    Package:    vs_setup.msi
    Help link:
    Local package:    C:\Windows\Installer\3f3bc84.msi
    Install date:    2011\01\14
    0 patch packages.

Great! Now the ASP.NET MVC3 RTM setup package worked like a charm.

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