Using fail2ban with nginx in Debian

Taking a look at the logwatch mails I see a common pattern of attacks, coming from China and trying to find details of my server configuration, which is something I don’t like.

fail2ban logo

Looking around I found fail2ban which is a tool that does some regex matches on the server logs (sshd, httpd, authd, …) and takes proper actions, like banning the offending IP.

I then installed fail2ban in my Debian box:

apt-get install fail2ban

Then, I took a look at /etc/fail2ban/jail.conf and found some entries for Apache but none for nginx, my server of choice, so I decided to create a jail.local to add some nginx stuff (this is recommended in Debian to allow hassle-free upgrades).

nginx logo

I started copying the Apache sections of the default fail2ban as the log files in my case use the same format that allows me to use Awstats easily. Then, I modified my log routes to point to the nginx ones and using Apache rules, if they don’t work I’ll tune them later.

enabled = true
port    = http,https
filter  = apache-auth
logpath = /var/log/nginx*/*error.log
maxretry = 6

enabled = false
port    = http,https
filter  = apache-noscript
logpath = /var/log/nginx*/*error.log
maxretry = 6

enabled = false
port    = http,https
filter  = apache-overflows
logpath = /var/log/nginx*/*error.log
maxretry = 2

Although this is ok, the bots I see don’t leave a trace in error.log but in access.log so I took a look at the filter.d folder where an interesting apache-badbots.conf was present. Then, I found the default fail2ban documentation in /usr/share/doc/fail2ban where there’s an usage example of the badbots script. I added I to my jail.local:

enabled  = true
port    = http,http
filter   = apache-badbots
logpath  = /var/log/nginx*/*access.log
bantime  = 172800
maxretry = 1

Finally, I added this to the top of the file, to send mails to myself when a rule matches and a host is banned.

action = %(action_mwl)s

Finally, restart the service and start receiving mails:

sudo /etc/init.d/fail2ban restart

I’m sure this will need further adjustments, but it’s a beginning in my bot fighting war. I’ll make some updates as I find interesting results.

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